Thursday, February 27, 2014

Five for Friday

Ahh, it's Friday! 
This has been a great week but so busy yet again. As if the weekend tummy virus wasn't enough sickness a wicked sinus infection has taken its place. So I'm hoping for a healthy weekend! 

Here are five things that I'm feeling, loving,  and enjoying this week:

/1// Even though I haven't felt great I have felt like cooking. The healthy turkey meatloaf was amazing and under that sauce is some amazing asparagus.  Loving some cooking! 

/2// Today I'm going on a field trip with my fifth graders. Loving a fun day with the kiddos! 
(And a chance to have less papers to grade since I'm always behind on grading)

/3// Really enjoying time with my husband. I mean I always do but this week I've really enjoyed our time together and the little things. Can't believe our first anniversary is around the corner. 

/4// Loved learning in small group this week about how we love others. What we pour from our heart needs to be love and why even in unfavorable situations we are called to handle life with our heart of a faithful servant. 

/5// Finally,  the kiddos had a project. 
They were to label a brown paper grocery bag with a picture, name, and dates of a specific president.  Inside the bag 4-7 items that represent the president and be able to explain why. Of course I encourage them to always be creative. 

Can you guess which president this item would represent? 
It is a water bottle with a toy gate on it...
A "Watergate" for Nixon. 
I got a kick out this, truly original! 


  1. I'm sorry you're sick again! Those meals look really good, yum. Field trips are always fun. I'm looking forward to more with my munchkins ;)

  2. I've been feeling off all week!! No bueno. I love that watergate, how clever!