Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our weekend and weekly menu

As always, the weekend went by quickly.
Friday night was less than eventful. We went to a bonfire which I usually love but considering it was in the low 20's outside and we had a hard time getting the fire started I was longing for a hot bath!

Saturday morning we found out that my sweet Grandma was helping host a pancake breakfast at a local restaurant for a great cause so we showed up and surprised her. It was fun to see her in "action" and the place was packed! So packed we sat for over half an hour and couldn't get anything to eat they were so full. We didn't mind since it was for a great cause and let them keep the ten bucks and we walked over to Panera Bread next door. I forgot how yummy it is!

I had this yummy spinach and bacon dish with a coffee.
When we went to "fix" up our coffees and they had ground cinnamon to sprinkle in. I forgot how yummy cinnamon is in coffee. This could help with my creamer addiction. 

Since I didn't have a whole lot to do I decided to swing into Target. I still had some $ left on a Starbucks card I had gotten as a Christmas gift from a sweet kiddo so got yet another coffee. For the first time, EVER, I didn't find any clothes that I just "had" to have at Target.

Now this little number did catch my eye. I seriously can't believe this is shorts. The inseam was -2 inches. (yes, negative)
I got caught taking a pic of these by another shopper and she laughed out loud too. 
Even when I was 16 and wore "short shorts" I would NEVER have worn this. My bikini has better coverage. 

Saturday night we went to dinner just us.
We went to this neat pizza place and pub downtown and enjoyed some yummy brews and a meat overload pizza while watching the Olympics. (Which the U.S.A. is KILLING it in slope style!!!)
Being the adults we are, we rented Despicable Me II on the way home.
We made a drink and started the movie around 10:00, which I should have known was past our bedtime.
Well I woke up at 1:30 with the t.v. off, my drink melted, and all three of us (Copper of course) passed out on the couch. Wild and crazy Saturday!

Sunday after church I ran into Publix (where I didn't do well at all with my coupons this time) and snagged some goods for dinners this week.

Drew said he had a special request for dinner and I got excited thinking I was going to cook something neat only to find out he really wants hot dogs. So we had hot dogs tonight with tots and they were pretty yummy.
Here is what we I will be cooking this week:

Tuesday// baked chicken, rosemary potatoes, veggies
Wednesday//a new recipe from the blog Hello Newlywed Life
This is a yummy pasta recipe that I can toss in the crock pot and serve with steamed broc
Thursday// Small Group T.B.D.
Friday// possible heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's ?!

Keep my kiddos (and myself) in your thoughts tomorrow as we are SUPPOSED to take the state writing assessment but it looks as if weather could be a problem again. This has been canceled once and we would really, really like to get this behind us--we'll see!

Have a great week!!


  1. Omg I got one of those egg dishes at Panera on Saturday too!! I ordered the spinach and bacon one but they have me the four cheese and it was delish!!! So yummy! I am thinkin about that heart shaped pizza too. For $8 you can't go wrong!!

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend. So sweet of you guys to surprise your grandma. Those shorts are crazy short! I'd never, lol...