Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Weekend

Well my long week of snow days rolled into the weekend!
Drew finally got home and it was so nice to just relax.

Friday afternoon we went to our favorite beer garden, Vics.
We love the fenced in back patio so Copper can run wild and the big screens to enjoy as we sip our brew.
It was still a bit slushy but just nice to be outside.

Saturday morning Drew did some mini house projects and I did some major grocery shopping. After eating some lunch we went to his grandparents for a visit. They have a big farm and Copper wore himself out running every where. He didn't even make it out of the driveway, passed out. 

Saturday night we ate at my all time favorite place.
No special occasion, just dinner with Lee and Rachel.
(Drew's brother and fiance')
Sometimes the best treats are the random ones like this, even though I ate wayyyy too much bread.

Sunday for the Super Bowl (which was such a disappointment) I made these awesome sausage and cream cheese crescents. I found them on Pintrest and they were as tasty as they were simple to make.

I didn't get a picture of it but I also made a black bean, corn, and feta fresh salsa. I saw it on the Simply Free blog (which is an amazing blog) and thought it looked so yummy. Since my other dish was not so healthy I wanted to make something a bit more "clean" and that I cold eat plenty of guilt-free.

This morning it was back to school after almost a week off.
The kids were due a treat for great behavior in special area and I also wanted them to know how much I appreciated them working hard on the practice writing assessment Tuesday as the snow came down.
(it is SO very hard for the kiddos to focus KNOWING they are about to go home and sled)
In stead of a cookie I went sprinkle crazy and they got a cupcake treat,yum!


  1. Mmm...I love Carrabbas! Sounds like a fun weekend. :)

    1. I love Carrabbas too! Not a bad option on the menu!

  2. What a cool beer garden , love that you can take cooper there too!

    1. Thanks, we love the beer garden. We've been taking Copper since we got him, he gets excited when we pull up. Now all we need is warmer weather :)

  3. Looks like a great weekend, those crescent rolls look and sound amaze! So did your cupcakes ;) Copper looks way too comfy on your hubs ;)

    1. Copper sure knows how to be comfy! The class was very surprised with the cupcakes. I've been craving some ever since I made them, might have to make another batch. Yum, yum!

  4. Looks like such an awesome weekend. You are such an impressive cook. I need your skills!

    And I bet your students loved the cupcakes! That was so sweet of you :-)