Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back 2 School & End of Summer Favorites

Back 2 School & End of Summer Favorites

Now that summer is wrapping up, I'm filled with mix emotions.
I LOVE summer! This summer was way different than expected with Drew working out of town my entire teacher break but it was still fun. Here a few things that are definitely my favorite as we round out August and welcome September with open arms!

Running shorts, my go to when not in school basically 24/7.
So comfortable and hopefully will keep me inspired to run. #wishful
With all the sun we are around in the summer I want to make sure my skin is staying healthy. The lotion not only smells great but helps skin out after being in the sun all day.
As much as I love pumpkin...everything, I still need a few weeks before I bust it all out.
Speaking of skin care, this Burt's Bees cream works wonders too. I love putting in on before going to sleep and I wake up with silky skin.
This yummy soap from B&BW is a fall favorite no doubt.
I'm spending a ton of time on "school" stuff so fun office supplies that I love make it even more enjoyable. Flair pens are my addiction, cute file folders are just plain fun, and considering how much my binder contains I might as well have one I like.
Finally, oh coffee goodness.
I always enjoy a fun mug and my favorite coffee. I have it through my morning meetings, bus duty, and whatever else my sweet 5th graders might throw at me before 9:00.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Meal Mash-Up

Time is flying by!
I think I'm about use to being in the swing of things, just seems
we have gone non-stop.  
Menu planning has never been more helpful. 
We are waking up around 4:30 and by the time 5:30 rolls around
sometimes I can't even remember what is for dinner so looking back on the menu I make Saturday morning is very useful. 

Tonight we tried this new recipe for a bbq dinner in the crockpot and it was awesome!
So awesome I didn't even have a sec to take a picture. Highly recommend it!

Here's what will be cooked up for the Irons this week:

Sunday// bbq dinner in crock pot, link above
Monday// turkey meatloaf with green beans and new potatoes
Tuesday// Parmesan and red pepper crusted tilpia with steamed broccoli and brown rice
Wednesday// crock pot chicken and dumplings and a side
Thursday// small group burger cook out!
Friday// wing night on the lake!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Organizing Our Wrapping Paper

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit what a total mess our wrapping paper has been for years. 
Before this mini organization project, all our wrapping paper was in a large clear container in no particular order and not completely "in" the container. 
It is kept in the closet of the "man cave" and out of sight but always a mess and it drove me nuts that I could never find anything when needed.

So this summer I decided to clean this up and look at what gift wrapping stuff we have so I'm not buying more of the same. 
note: I did not spread the bags everywhere, my dear helper did when chasing frisbe

First I got a three drawer container.
Next I sorted out all the bags by size and pulled Christmas/holiday bags in a different stack.
Then I folded all the tissue paper nicely, secured ribbon ends, and put all tags together in a drawer. 
Once it was all sorted, the rest took less than five minutes.

Small bags went in one drawer

larger gift bags in another drawer

ribbons and any other "topper" all in a drawer complete with tape and a pair of scissors

All this took maybe 20 minutes and made a world of difference. I placed folded gift boxes on top of the drawers and a few rolls of paper are nicely standing next to this. 
Now I won't be wasting money on gift bags last minute because I know exactly where to find one! 

Back to school & menu {sort of}

Well this gal is back in full swing.
This will be my first five day week. Sigh.
I've loved these half days and partial weeks as we ease into reality,
and our demanding schedules. 

So now my evenings are filled with planning, grading, and trying to either stay up and get one more thing done or trying to convince myself that I need to go to bed. 
By next week I think it will feel a bit more "normal" and not like I'm in a fog come 4:00.

I do have to say, my class is great!
I have 28 which is a LOT of kids, but they are so respectful and work hard. 
Already loving them and looking forward to this year.

This weekend I'm going to a bacheloret party for my soon to be sister-in-law and have school open house so our menu is limited to say the least.

Sunday- birthday dinner for a close friend
Monday- crock pot pork chops, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes
{one of my favorites}
Tuesday- grilled meatballs for subs 
Wednesday- sandwiches for the lake
Thursday- small group and open house
Friday- I'm out of town
Saturday- not sure!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend and Menu

I have survived my first 3 days back at school.
My class is overwhelmingly huge but the kiddos are very sweet and have lots of personality. 
Definitely still have lots to do in the next 24 hours as I prepare for them on Wednesday.

This weekend was simple and nice.
Nothing big but I enjoyed it.

Friday we had a brew at our favorite beer garden.
This is pretty much our Friday routine, complete with a Papa Murphy's pizza to take home.
Copper loves the run around time with a sweet pit bull that belongs to the owner and we love all the local craft drafts. Everyone wins!

Another nice Saturday on the lake.

Sunday Drew went to a wakeboard cable park with some friends and I stayed home to work on school stuff. I got alot done and made the best sandwiches for dinner. Complete with my favorite, a side of peas!

This week I'm trying to keep dinner simple:

Sunday// Ham and Swiss baked sandwich
Monday//one dish dinner I found on Pintrest.
--made it tonight and it was NOT good, nothing like the picture and not something I'll try again 
Tuesday// my favorite and something I could eat every week, lettuce wraps
Wednesday// back to school mean Crock Pot time! Pork chops with some ranch seasoning, yum 
Thursday//small group and my first full day at school- ordering pizza and making salad

Have a great week, here's to hoping my class is 100% ready in 24 hours!