Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{Tasty Tuesday} Healthy Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

Let me say, this picture does not do justice to how delicious this dinner is!
Also, very healthy and very simple.
This is becoming a meal we have several times a month, so yummy!!

I start with smaller tilapia filets and toss them in a mixture of one egg and one egg white whisked together. After both sides are coated I then put it in the "Parmesan mixture."
The parm mix is about one and a half cups of FRESH grated Parmesan, a generous amount of fresh ground pepper, a couple shakes of Italian seasoning, and as much crushed red pepper as you like.
I like to put it on a shallow plate and place my coated fish on top of it and gently cover it, both sides. Then I place it in a lightly "sprayed" glass dish. I like to pat down a small amount of parm on the top sides of the fish once they are in the glass dish and a few extra spices on the top. 
I bake at 425 for 25 minutes and it is golden brown and smells amazing too!

We love this on top of some whole grain rice with a steamed veggies. The red pepper on the fish gives it a nice spice so a simple veggie compliments it well. Paired with a simple salad and you got a restaurant quality meal!


  1. I think this looks delish! I love tilapia, I've never made it but I must now :)

  2. Oh yum!!! This would be a perfect recipe to linkup to my Monday Meals Mashup!!