Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Five

Five things that have rocked my week

1// I love teaching. Without question what I'm supposed to do in my life. 
On the last day of school my sweet kiddos and loving families showered me with thoughtful cards and spoiled me with some of my favorite things. One precious, sweet girl left before I could hug her and say bye so her and her sweet mamma left this and a wonderful new beach,floppy hat for me to take on my trip. I love the hat and I can't wait to use it but this card will be treasured forever. Totally made my day :)

2// It is a small thing, but my house is finally back to cleaned. I had been off about everything because I knew I was about to be off school and it really piled up. From floors to dusting--my OCD self if happy again. 

3// Been waking up next to this fluff ball has made me super happy. It's like he knows I'm home from summer and has been my shadow all week. Loving all this time home!

4// We leave for our vacation/anniversary trip WEDNESDAY!! We will be going to the Rivera Maya in Mexico for a week at a resort (yay for no cooking) with some scuba and lots of relaxation. Really looking forward to this!

This Sunday, June 1st will be our first anniversary. 
Today I'm setting out our cake to thaw and will make a special dinner. 
Can't believe it has already been a year. This time last year was crazy!
More on the blog about this special day next week!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Today is my first official day of summer break 2014.
As I sit here with my iced coffee watching/listening to Good Morning America with Copper curled up next to me---I'm very content!

I love sleep but I try to save sleeping in for the weekend so I don't sleep the day away. 
As long as I'm up by 7:30 I feel I still get to sleep in but also productive.
Now if it is a rainy, thundering day--then this doesn't count.

I love summer break, a million reasons why I love teaching but this is definitely a perk of the job.
I get 6 weeks to do housewife like things and by the time school starts back I'm usually ready to go back.
Where the past two weeks month have been so packed full and crazy the house is in need of some TLC today. As fun as dusting, Meyers cleaners, and my vacuum sound--I know I'll appreciate it when done.
Hopefully, the rest of break will be more fun than today.

//This teacher's summer bucket list//

Try a new recipe a week 
Walk every morning, run every afternoon (or at least 4 days a week)
Swing by my classroom and work on it before I go back--this is actually fun
Go on a picnic and actually pack food not Subway 
Late night Harley ride on a clear night
Plant hanging baskets on the back deck
Find the perfect maxi dress
Tackle our scary pantry
Get ahead on my Bible reading
Read at least three books for fun
Enjoy as much Norris Lake time as possible

I love summer and cut into my first watermelon of the season last night.
I officially have a longing for a sparkler and a hot dog.
So looking forward to what the next two months have in store!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Five on Friday

This isn't just any Friday.
It's the...
(at least for students, I have one day to pack up/check out)

Words don't describe the excitement that I'm feeling that summer is here.
I love summer and I'm eager to get this one going!
Other than being out of school, here are five things that have rocked my week!

Yesterday we went on a field trip to a Smokies game. They are our local semi-pro league and the stadium is amazing. The whole day was around kids and making good choices. Of course the dog part of the program was my favorite part of the entire trip--they are just so pretty and talented! The kiddos had a great trip and a fun way to round out the school year.

Also, in the spirit of school ending we've had a third, fourth, and fifth grade kickball tournament. Complete with a bracket I might add! The teams are a mix of various ages and the games are so fun. We have a large open field that can have 3+ games going at once. The big trees surrounding the area just make it the perfect place for a kid to play and grow up. And who doesn't love kickball?!

The lettuce wraps are continuing to rock my world. Even after two days of leftovers. 

Copper might be more excited for summer than me. 
I just love his little face in this picture. We were running a quick errand and of course my favorite little fluff ball was my co-pilot. He always sits up front but for some reason got in the back. I snapped a quick pic and left. He made it a quarter of the way down the street before he was whining to come back up. 
(where I pulled over and let him out the back door and into the front cause he wouldn't climb back)
I just love this little guy so much. From his crazy excitement when I get home to him curling up around my ankles at night--he's so much more than a "pet".  

The fact that it is a three day weekend deserves major props. 
Drew has had a cold this week and is finally feeling better.
I've worked to almost 5:00  about every night and came home to work some more.
We basically can't wait for the weekend and getting some sun on the lake!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap and LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!

I find it cute that my students think summer break is for kids.
For them to run, play, and swim as much as possible.
Silly kids, summer is for teachers!
Time for us to re-energize (cause I'm running on zero), re-focus (I feel lost), get excited again (cause I'm frantic and stressed at the moment) and to enjoy our families (cause I've been MIA for a few weeks now). 

Student teaching and college did not prepare me for the last 2-3 weeks of school.
The past three years of teaching have still not prepared me for that. 
The kids are wired, the deadlines for just about everything are looming over all staff members, and all we really want is summer fun and evenings without grading papers.
With that being said I do need to mention some of the fun things that are taking place at the end of school such as our awesome kickball tournament complete with a bracket, staff vs fifth grade volleyball, field day, and Thursday my class and I are spending all day at a local semi-pro baseball game. Just got to find sometime to finish these report cards and data tables that are due, now. 

This past weekend was filled with mixed emotions.
Drew's sweet grandma is having a rough time and has been in the hospital for a week or so now and it looks like possibly headed towards a nursing home next. This is such a hard time for his family so they could use some prayers.

Drew and I did squeeze in a date night.
We decided to use an Olive Garden gift card a sweet parent of a kiddo in my class got us Saturday night.
So delicious! Then Drew had the idea to go check out this new place that opened up downtown.

It's in the top of the "ball" we call the Sunsphere here in Knoxville.

The inside was cool and super modern.

And the mojitos not shabby.

We've been pretty hooked on the show Scandal lately and are plowing through it on Netflix.
So after a drink we called it a night and came home.
Really enjoyed our date night and really,really looking forward to vacation.

Monday Meal Mash-Up

As I'm ringing in this LAST WEEK of school, simple is key for our dinners!

Last night I tried something new, lettuce wraps.
So good and the flavor was awesome. Even better reheated with my lunch today.
I got this recipe from one of the first blogs I ever followed, Simply Taralynn. She has TONS of healthy living tips and great recipes. 

Here is what's cooking by Chef Irons this week:
Monday// tying this new pork chop recipe with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broc/carrots
Tuesday// simple grilled tilapia with quinoa and salad 
Wednesday// either Mexican layered tacos or grilled meatball subs
Thursday// small group
Friday//kitchen closed
Saturday//cook out

Remember to check out the Menu Mash-Up for dinner ideas!
Monday Meals Mashup

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up and Weekly Menu

Well another weekend has came and gone so quickly.
Drew and I are both pretty stressed and busy with work so I feel we spend all week looking forward to the weekends and then they are over before it even begins it feels. 

Any teacher will tell you that state testing is very stressful and brings much pressure.
The short few weeks following testing aren't much better.
Knowing you are less than 3 weeks to summer makes us teachers and the kiddos a bit crazy for a lack of better words. Any who knows me knows how much I have loved my class this year and I truly will miss them when they move on to middle school in 10 days but the past 2 weeks have been rough. My normally sweet, respectful class has been loud and rowdy and my buttons have been pushed to the point by Friday I felt like I might explode ha. But no worries, I'm recharged today and I'm trying to soak in every last moment with them.

Last week was also Teacher Appreciation Week and our wonderful PTO not only brought us a yummy lunch but showered with cute surprises each day!

I definitely felt very cared for by our sweet PTO! 
I'm also sure that awesome American flag towel will get plenty of use in the upcoming weeks!!!

Also got my hair did, makes me so happy!
4 inches and fresh highlights later I feel like a new lady.
This mop needed some TLC.

Saturday morning I ran a few errands.
First time possibly ever, I didn't find anything at Target.
Not sure what is wrong with me...
Then found a little bit of everything at Marshalls, including this kayak! 
Pretty random for that store but I also found some great platters and bowls in the clearance for only 3 bucks! 

I've very disappointed that I didn't take a single picture on Mother's Day!
We went to church and sadly Drew's grandmother is in the hospital so his mom was with her so it was just him and I for lunch then we had my family over for dinner. 

Such a great weekend but not long enough!
Here's the menu for the week:

Monday//randomly went to the lake so Subway
Tuesday//turkey meatloaf (our favorite)
Thursday//small group
Friday//not sure...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Overload and Dinner Menu

I'm blogging today from the porch swing after cooling down from a run.
It is now mid 80's (unusually warm for us) but with a great breeze.
I can't help but want to stay outside as much as possible!
Even with my school kiddos I couldn't resist a bit of extra recess today.
Hey, only 14 days of school left!

I'm going to start by showing what I came home to Friday after work.
We had been state testing all week and Friday was make-ups and pack-ups also by far the hardest day yet and I left feeling frustrated, aggravated, and plain ticked off. I told Drew all this on the way home and he made this little set up. Each beverage came with a glass and a funny note about what that drink means for your day.  
Reason 103,567 I love him. 
We took this fiesta to the Mexican restaurant where my soft taco and bean burrito made my stinky day seem okay! We watched a movie and were asleep by 10. Now that's my kind of Friday!

Saturday we were going to finish getting the boat all cleaned up and I need to work in the yard after the half foot of rain and storms we had the past week. So we started with Saturday breakfast (I look forward to this all week) and of course our mini Aussie got a mini pancake. 

All this rain has really made the flower bloom and it is so pretty outside. The roses literally overnight bloomed and I last counted 140+ blooms to go. Knock-Out roses are the best, simple flower I swear! Just water and trim them and they are beautiful!

While we were working all day at home Drew tosses some ribs in the smoker. We hadn't made them like this before but you bet we will again! Delicious! These healthy sides will be on the blog tomorrow. 

Finally, our first lake day of the season!
After church we went and got a bite at a new place in Knoxville called Newks. It was awesome! We quickly came home and loaded up the boat. We didn't go to our normal lake but this one is just three miles from our house and we just wanted to get on the water. The water however was still pretty chilly but we enjoyed a tumbler of yummy drinks in the sun! 
Rarely do we go to the lake the two of us, but it was pretty fun.
Can't wait for more lake time very soon!

This week on the menu:
Sunday// order pizza after lake
Monday//grill pork chops
Tuesday//tilaplia  (either grilled or baked)
Wednesday// no idea... maybe baked fajitas?!
Thursday// bbq grilled chicken for small group
Friday// kitchen closed

 Monday Meals Mashup
Check out Life On The Parsons Farm for more dinner ideas!

Also, this past week we booked our vacation/anniversary trip and I'm so excited!
Did my usual bargain hunting search for a good month and got a heck of a deal!!
This time next month we will be in the River Maya!
Toes in sand, drink in hand!