Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap and LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!

I find it cute that my students think summer break is for kids.
For them to run, play, and swim as much as possible.
Silly kids, summer is for teachers!
Time for us to re-energize (cause I'm running on zero), re-focus (I feel lost), get excited again (cause I'm frantic and stressed at the moment) and to enjoy our families (cause I've been MIA for a few weeks now). 

Student teaching and college did not prepare me for the last 2-3 weeks of school.
The past three years of teaching have still not prepared me for that. 
The kids are wired, the deadlines for just about everything are looming over all staff members, and all we really want is summer fun and evenings without grading papers.
With that being said I do need to mention some of the fun things that are taking place at the end of school such as our awesome kickball tournament complete with a bracket, staff vs fifth grade volleyball, field day, and Thursday my class and I are spending all day at a local semi-pro baseball game. Just got to find sometime to finish these report cards and data tables that are due, now. 

This past weekend was filled with mixed emotions.
Drew's sweet grandma is having a rough time and has been in the hospital for a week or so now and it looks like possibly headed towards a nursing home next. This is such a hard time for his family so they could use some prayers.

Drew and I did squeeze in a date night.
We decided to use an Olive Garden gift card a sweet parent of a kiddo in my class got us Saturday night.
So delicious! Then Drew had the idea to go check out this new place that opened up downtown.

It's in the top of the "ball" we call the Sunsphere here in Knoxville.

The inside was cool and super modern.

And the mojitos not shabby.

We've been pretty hooked on the show Scandal lately and are plowing through it on Netflix.
So after a drink we called it a night and came home.
Really enjoyed our date night and really,really looking forward to vacation.


  1. Summer break is sooo for teachers! My hubby's cousin and uncles are teachers and principles, I hear about it! ;)

    Sorry to hear about Drew's grandma, hope everything gets figured out and she can be happy and taken care of.

  2. What a cool restaurant!! I don't drink very often but when I do it's either an Ashley Swing (my own made up drink) or a mojito. I love those!!