Thursday, May 22, 2014

Five on Friday

This isn't just any Friday.
It's the...
(at least for students, I have one day to pack up/check out)

Words don't describe the excitement that I'm feeling that summer is here.
I love summer and I'm eager to get this one going!
Other than being out of school, here are five things that have rocked my week!

Yesterday we went on a field trip to a Smokies game. They are our local semi-pro league and the stadium is amazing. The whole day was around kids and making good choices. Of course the dog part of the program was my favorite part of the entire trip--they are just so pretty and talented! The kiddos had a great trip and a fun way to round out the school year.

Also, in the spirit of school ending we've had a third, fourth, and fifth grade kickball tournament. Complete with a bracket I might add! The teams are a mix of various ages and the games are so fun. We have a large open field that can have 3+ games going at once. The big trees surrounding the area just make it the perfect place for a kid to play and grow up. And who doesn't love kickball?!

The lettuce wraps are continuing to rock my world. Even after two days of leftovers. 

Copper might be more excited for summer than me. 
I just love his little face in this picture. We were running a quick errand and of course my favorite little fluff ball was my co-pilot. He always sits up front but for some reason got in the back. I snapped a quick pic and left. He made it a quarter of the way down the street before he was whining to come back up. 
(where I pulled over and let him out the back door and into the front cause he wouldn't climb back)
I just love this little guy so much. From his crazy excitement when I get home to him curling up around my ankles at night--he's so much more than a "pet".  

The fact that it is a three day weekend deserves major props. 
Drew has had a cold this week and is finally feeling better.
I've worked to almost 5:00  about every night and came home to work some more.
We basically can't wait for the weekend and getting some sun on the lake!


  1. What a fun field trip, happy Summer Vacation to you!

  2. Happy Summer vacation!! Copper is just adorable and our pets fill such an important part of our hearts!!