Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Five

Five things that have rocked my week

1// I love teaching. Without question what I'm supposed to do in my life. 
On the last day of school my sweet kiddos and loving families showered me with thoughtful cards and spoiled me with some of my favorite things. One precious, sweet girl left before I could hug her and say bye so her and her sweet mamma left this and a wonderful new beach,floppy hat for me to take on my trip. I love the hat and I can't wait to use it but this card will be treasured forever. Totally made my day :)

2// It is a small thing, but my house is finally back to cleaned. I had been off about everything because I knew I was about to be off school and it really piled up. From floors to dusting--my OCD self if happy again. 

3// Been waking up next to this fluff ball has made me super happy. It's like he knows I'm home from summer and has been my shadow all week. Loving all this time home!

4// We leave for our vacation/anniversary trip WEDNESDAY!! We will be going to the Rivera Maya in Mexico for a week at a resort (yay for no cooking) with some scuba and lots of relaxation. Really looking forward to this!

This Sunday, June 1st will be our first anniversary. 
Today I'm setting out our cake to thaw and will make a special dinner. 
Can't believe it has already been a year. This time last year was crazy!
More on the blog about this special day next week!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. That is the sweetest note ever, what a meaningful impact you make on children. Cant wait to read about your first anniversary, so special. We did that with our cake too. I was surprised how good it still taste!

  2. The joys of being a teacher! Happy anniversary!!!