Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up and Weekly Menu

Well another weekend has came and gone so quickly.
Drew and I are both pretty stressed and busy with work so I feel we spend all week looking forward to the weekends and then they are over before it even begins it feels. 

Any teacher will tell you that state testing is very stressful and brings much pressure.
The short few weeks following testing aren't much better.
Knowing you are less than 3 weeks to summer makes us teachers and the kiddos a bit crazy for a lack of better words. Any who knows me knows how much I have loved my class this year and I truly will miss them when they move on to middle school in 10 days but the past 2 weeks have been rough. My normally sweet, respectful class has been loud and rowdy and my buttons have been pushed to the point by Friday I felt like I might explode ha. But no worries, I'm recharged today and I'm trying to soak in every last moment with them.

Last week was also Teacher Appreciation Week and our wonderful PTO not only brought us a yummy lunch but showered with cute surprises each day!

I definitely felt very cared for by our sweet PTO! 
I'm also sure that awesome American flag towel will get plenty of use in the upcoming weeks!!!

Also got my hair did, makes me so happy!
4 inches and fresh highlights later I feel like a new lady.
This mop needed some TLC.

Saturday morning I ran a few errands.
First time possibly ever, I didn't find anything at Target.
Not sure what is wrong with me...
Then found a little bit of everything at Marshalls, including this kayak! 
Pretty random for that store but I also found some great platters and bowls in the clearance for only 3 bucks! 

I've very disappointed that I didn't take a single picture on Mother's Day!
We went to church and sadly Drew's grandmother is in the hospital so his mom was with her so it was just him and I for lunch then we had my family over for dinner. 

Such a great weekend but not long enough!
Here's the menu for the week:

Monday//randomly went to the lake so Subway
Tuesday//turkey meatloaf (our favorite)
Thursday//small group
Friday//not sure...

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  1. I hear ya on being anxious for summer. We don't get out until the middle of June and then my husband and I are going in a trip to Ireland with Ellie and my dad and we cannot wait!!!