Monday, June 2, 2014

One Year Anniversary

This Sunday marked our one year as Mr. & Mrs. Irons.
I'm sure everyone says this, but I can't believe it has already been a year. 
I remember being so excited and anxious a year ago.
Sitting with my best friends and talking as we spent all day getting ready and sipping coffee.
Then that feeling I got when the Wedding March played, the doors opened, everyone stood,  and I walked with my Dad and seeing Drew.
Truly a moment I'll never forget and took my breath away. 
I loved our wedding day but can honestly say I have loved this past year more.

During this past year I feel our house has really become a home.
We have grown within our personal faith as well as grow together.
We've grown to love being home and appreciate a nice evening together even if it nothing planned or "special."
I've learned we won't always get along or agree on everything.
But that's okay.
We've learned to work that out and move on together. 
Sometimes alone time is needed, and that's okay too.

  This past year has been wonderful and I feel more in love today than I have in any of the five years we've been together. I'm very excited for what the future has in store and thank God for the blessing of marriage. 

Since I'm a total sap and love traditions, we just HAD to have our cake topper.

Props to my mother-in-law for wrapping our cake while we were honeymooning.
One roll of plastic wrap followed by one roll of foil then sealed with duct tape.
The cake tasted AMAZING!! 
We shared some with our families and we all couldn't get over how great it was.

We decided to have a nice dinner at home instead of go out.
I cooked chicken spaghetti, which was the very first dinner I ever made Drew when we were in college. 
Also, we had a bottle of wine that we had saved from our wedding.

Nothing fancy, but everything special.
We leave bright and early Wednesday to go celebrate our one year in Mexico.
We are staying at the same resort chain we honeymooned with but in another location.
Looking forward to relaxing, sipping, and scuba diving at some new places!
I know not every year we will celebrate like this but we made it a priority to go back at least one more time together just the two of us. 

Looking forward to a great week with my hubby and many more years together!!


  1. Yay. What a fun day! Happy anniversary. Enjoy your vacay. You deserve it.

  2. Congrats on your anniversary!! And what a great way to spend it! :)