Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Five {vacation recap}

Drew and I just got back from Mexico after celebrating our first anniversary last week.
We had an amazing time and I'd already love to go back.
We stayed with a resort chain called Secrets and will definitely book with them again.
Here are my five favorite things about this amazing resort//

We stayed at Secrets Rivera Maya Capri location.
This resort was absolutely beautiful.
Loved how everything was close- restaurants, bars, beach, pool, our room.
Also, the place is spot less. The staff work so very hard at making sure everything is perfect at all time. 
Loved spending time around this beautiful resort.

//two// and //three//
First, notice the sweet man in the yellow shirt.
Weather you were at the pool or the beach servers with a smile to bring you constant drinks or snacks. This also keeps any crowd from forming around the bar. Talk about feeling like a queen, laying by the beach with guacamole and a frozen drink brought right to you. Also, the cute umbrellas/tikki like shade just feet from the teal ocean--love it. Drew is more faired skinned than I am so this was wonderful. The chairs were also great and they always had fresh towels ready to go. Really, I love this place.

This was our first meal we had, a lunch that was amazing after flying all morning.
Also, the only food pic I have. Pictures couldn't do the food justice. Everything was amazing. Each morning we would have a great breakfast that would pretty much keep us full till dinner. Dinner was outstanding every night, my favorite meal being a beef tenderloin that I ordered that I used a butter knife to cut. The staff would have a big lunch spread by the pool and beach each day and grill out. Also, Secrets offers free 24/7 room service. We only used this once and it was great, we just liked going to the restaurants more. 

When we did have room service we ate outside on our patio and had the cutest little visitors.
They were so gentle and enjoyed some toast with us.

The beaches were beautiful.
The food was delicious.
The drinks, endless.
But without question, my favorite part was spending time just hanging out with Drew. We spend time together at home, but we are busy all the time it seems. So to actually hang out with nothing to do was so nice. We will have to make a point to get away just the two of us at least once each year. Maybe not always to a resort, but just to spend quality time together. Loved every minute just relaxing and enjoying time with hubby.

(as in typical Michelle fashion, STILL haven't uploaded the pics from our camera, so these are still from my phone. #slacker)

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