Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{Tasty Tuesday} Summer Brew

This time of year makes us want to be outside as much as possible!
We love being out on the deck grilling, enjoying sun at the lake, or just tossing around a game of Corn Hole. 
With all this outside time we love this perfect and refreshing summer brew.

I mix it all in a pitcher or make several batches and put it in this mason jar jug with a spout.
So easy and it is ALWAYS a favorite. 
Just mix in your favorite light beer, one container of frozen lemonade, use the empty lemonade container to fill up with water, then fill the same lemonade container with vodka (or three quarters). 
I will make about 3 batches like this when we have about 6 people over.
The good thing is that it is so easy to make more, just pour and stir!


  1. this looks so yummy!!! i'll definitely be making some soon.

  2. This looks PERFECT for summer! Thanks for sharing :)