Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Hour + $20 = New Laundry Room

It is nothing new that I hate laundry.
It is mostly the "putting up" part that I don't like but really nothing in this chore do I enjoy.
Cleaning the floors- no problem
Dusting and cleaning- kinda enjoy it cause it looks so nice afterwards
Outside tasks- so nice being out with Copper in the sun, no complaints 
Cooking-I love it
but that laundry, ughhh...

After trying to work on a laundry routine to help me not get so behind on it I noticed part of why I don't like (or a sorry excuse) is that the laundry "nook" was just so blah and not organized at all.

The one shelf in the area was a bit higher than I comfortably could reach and I didn't really have a place to store things. Drew and I took some measurements and decided to add two shelves to make everything easier to get to. 

Nothing special- no real organization and sorta a mess

The two shelves were $6 each and the "L" bracket to hang them less than a dollar each, the screws we already had in the garage. I got the baskets/bins at the local dollar store.

I will say for $20 and an hour later I'm very pleased with how it looks and love how easy it is to find anything. I wish we had done this earlier and although I doubt it will make eager to wash our drawers.
Next I thought about adding some silver letters that spell "wash" or something like that, in the meantime this will do!


  1. laundry is one of my least favorite things to do as well!! I actually don't mind the separating, washing and drying part - I don't like the folding and putting it away!! so we have bins of clean clothes just chillin all over!!


  2. OMG I literally have the exact same problem. Everything else is a breeze, but laundry is the worst!!! At any given time we will have 2 baskets of clean, folded clothes in our room, waiting to be put up. And I am definitely going to steal your shelf idea!!! I have to tip-toe just to barely reach the shelf--this idea is awesome!!!! New follower here, hope to get lots more great tips!!

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  3. I absolutely love this project!!!! It came out perfect!!