Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Meal Mash Up and Catch Up

It has been such a great weekend!
Now I should note that the pollen is PILED up on everything and we can't breathe but the wonderful sunshine was worth it!

Friday the nice weather started and my class and I had an impromptu picnic lunch outside. It was wonderful! My sweet class has worked so hard and it was so nice to have lunch with them and listen to the silly things kids say. Hard to believe we have less than 6 weeks together. Hands down, best class I've ever had. 

This weekend we spent all Saturday working in the yard. Spreading mulch, expanding the flower bed a bit, mow, you name it. No complaints because the yard looking nice is a plus but I loved the chance at getting some sun on my shoulders and scary white legs. 

Displaying 20140412_185214.jpg
Still got more flowers to plant but it's a start!

I'm 8 school days away from state testing. I'm feeling the pressure and working extra and trying to make sure we get everything covered that we want. So dinner is well planned this week to help make this week easier once I get home:

Sunday~ grilled hobo dinners
Monday~ lasagna (put together on Sunday, just pop in oven) make a quick salad
Tuesday~ baked tilapia, asparagus, rice
Wednesday~ turkey meat loaf, green beans, okra
Thursday~ working the first Easter service at church, so prob something quick like salad or a sandwich 
Friday~ ca-bobs on the grill after a Good Friday home!


  1. I need to learn how to cook like you.

    My allergies are killing me but I am excited for warm weather!!

  2. Can I come over for dinner every night this week!??!?

  3. Love that your gardening, I need some tips!