Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Organizing Our Wrapping Paper

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit what a total mess our wrapping paper has been for years. 
Before this mini organization project, all our wrapping paper was in a large clear container in no particular order and not completely "in" the container. 
It is kept in the closet of the "man cave" and out of sight but always a mess and it drove me nuts that I could never find anything when needed.

So this summer I decided to clean this up and look at what gift wrapping stuff we have so I'm not buying more of the same. 
note: I did not spread the bags everywhere, my dear helper did when chasing frisbe

First I got a three drawer container.
Next I sorted out all the bags by size and pulled Christmas/holiday bags in a different stack.
Then I folded all the tissue paper nicely, secured ribbon ends, and put all tags together in a drawer. 
Once it was all sorted, the rest took less than five minutes.

Small bags went in one drawer

larger gift bags in another drawer

ribbons and any other "topper" all in a drawer complete with tape and a pair of scissors

All this took maybe 20 minutes and made a world of difference. I placed folded gift boxes on top of the drawers and a few rolls of paper are nicely standing next to this. 
Now I won't be wasting money on gift bags last minute because I know exactly where to find one! 

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  1. I started to go through my arsenal of giftwrap stuff (I'm a hoarder) and can't believe how much I have and what a looney I've been by buying stuff when I've already had it!! I need to be better organized and this looks like the trick!