Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back 2 School & End of Summer Favorites

Back 2 School & End of Summer Favorites

Now that summer is wrapping up, I'm filled with mix emotions.
I LOVE summer! This summer was way different than expected with Drew working out of town my entire teacher break but it was still fun. Here a few things that are definitely my favorite as we round out August and welcome September with open arms!

Running shorts, my go to when not in school basically 24/7.
So comfortable and hopefully will keep me inspired to run. #wishful
With all the sun we are around in the summer I want to make sure my skin is staying healthy. The lotion not only smells great but helps skin out after being in the sun all day.
As much as I love pumpkin...everything, I still need a few weeks before I bust it all out.
Speaking of skin care, this Burt's Bees cream works wonders too. I love putting in on before going to sleep and I wake up with silky skin.
This yummy soap from B&BW is a fall favorite no doubt.
I'm spending a ton of time on "school" stuff so fun office supplies that I love make it even more enjoyable. Flair pens are my addiction, cute file folders are just plain fun, and considering how much my binder contains I might as well have one I like.
Finally, oh coffee goodness.
I always enjoy a fun mug and my favorite coffee. I have it through my morning meetings, bus duty, and whatever else my sweet 5th graders might throw at me before 9:00.

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  1. I neeed a good eye cream! Bring on the Fall scented soaps, so yummy.