Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend and Menu

I have survived my first 3 days back at school.
My class is overwhelmingly huge but the kiddos are very sweet and have lots of personality. 
Definitely still have lots to do in the next 24 hours as I prepare for them on Wednesday.

This weekend was simple and nice.
Nothing big but I enjoyed it.

Friday we had a brew at our favorite beer garden.
This is pretty much our Friday routine, complete with a Papa Murphy's pizza to take home.
Copper loves the run around time with a sweet pit bull that belongs to the owner and we love all the local craft drafts. Everyone wins!

Another nice Saturday on the lake.

Sunday Drew went to a wakeboard cable park with some friends and I stayed home to work on school stuff. I got alot done and made the best sandwiches for dinner. Complete with my favorite, a side of peas!

This week I'm trying to keep dinner simple:

Sunday// Ham and Swiss baked sandwich
Monday//one dish dinner I found on Pintrest.
--made it tonight and it was NOT good, nothing like the picture and not something I'll try again 
Tuesday// my favorite and something I could eat every week, lettuce wraps
Wednesday// back to school mean Crock Pot time! Pork chops with some ranch seasoning, yum 
Thursday//small group and my first full day at school- ordering pizza and making salad

Have a great week, here's to hoping my class is 100% ready in 24 hours!

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  1. I can't believe that you are back to school already!

    What a bummer about that Pinterest recipe.

    And also Ellie loves peas too, they are her fave!!!