Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Well at 5:00 tomorrow morning it's back to reality.
This summer I've gotten in the habit of running in the morning and I don't want to stop that just because school starts. This will require some extra prep the night before for me but I feel it is well worth it!

One thing I'll be doing is getting our lunches as much together the night before as possible.
I know somethings will have to wait but to do as much as I can will shave off some minutes.
Another thing that will help get him out the door and my running shoes on quicker is having a breakfast that requires little effort as I get lunches together. 

Breakfast is an area where I feel we can be healthy and quick.
I refuse to have us do unhealthy, fast, garbage food for breakfast especially when I can 
save money and give us something that will be good for us and just as fast. 

This summer with Drew out of town so much I cooked very minimal. 
Once thing I learned to make was smoothies.
I use to make smoothies but they were loaded with sugar and although yummy 
not as healthy as they could be.
I have cut yogurt out of all my smoothies and now only add unsweetened almond milk and the biggest change being a cup of greens to every smoothie.
I use to think yuck, spinach in a smoothie till I tried it. 
I started with half a cup then have increased to a full cup.
Truly can't tell it is in there and it is so good for you !

This prep idea came from several things I saw on Pintrest and tweaked
 it to make it how we would like it.

The recipes I made were:
\\Peachy Green
one cup frozen peaches
one banana 
one cup greens (spinach)
*add 1 3/4 cup almond milk
*1 cup ice

\\Berry Green
one cup frozen mixed berries
one cup greens
*add 1 cup almond milk

\\Strawberry Banana
one cup strawberries
one banana
*add one cup almond milk

I've made these one before and I was very pleased with the frozen fruit and how it tasted in the smoothies.
They are just plain, no sugar added fruit.
I happened to have some strawberries about to go bad so I used them too.

I labeled my bags first making note clearly of what kind of smoothie it was and what would need to be added.

Then just measure out what you need in each bag and lay flat on counter. 
I learned placing them flat down allows them to stack better in the freezer.

These are super easy and took less than 10 minutes to prepare.
Little things like this will keep me from making excuses to not run and not to mention, 
they are delicious!

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