Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five and Update

Seriously, how has it been a month since I've last blogged?!
I thought this summer I would blog daily but that has not been the case. Obviously.
So these past four weeks have been jammed packed. 
Family has been in town, as much lake time as possible, house projects, turned 27 Wednesday, and Drew has been out of town during the week working on a project this entire summer.

Being home along all summer has been an adjustment for sure.
Not how I expected to spend summer by any means but I try to remind myself to be thankful for his job and not dwell on the fact I've barely seen him all summer. Luckily, his project is coming to a close (right as school starts). 

So here is a Friday 5 and Update all in one

Marshalls for the home run! I LOVE Meyers cleaners. They smell amazing, clean great, and are safe to use with kids and pets. Drew actually find these on a random rack at Marshalls for half price. I bought three full size bottles and some dryer sheets. All for under $14, made my day!

My flowers have taken off! This picture was taken about two weeks ago and they are even bigger now. I love the way they are now flowing over the rocks and spreading. Since I have all this time on my hands these days I've really enjoyed these flowers.

Strawberry lemonade from McAlisters. If you haven't tried it go right now and get one. You won't be sorry!

As if I didn't love my sweet little Copper before, all this time just me and him has made my summer. Lots of cuddles and wiggles with unlimited frisbe has been the name of the game this summer.

Ah, Norris Lake--seriously heaven on Earth. Trying to spend as much time as possible on the lake.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful! Definitely my favorite part of summer are all the flowers! Although we have been struck by a heat wave over here and I've lost some of them :(

  2. I've never tried those cleaning products but I've always heard really good things! That lake looks amazing!