Monday, July 28, 2014

Final 3 days as a "house wife" and weekly menu

Only three days left before I report back to teacher duty.
I feel like I cold wail like a child and say "no, I want longer" and at the same time I'm so excited to get back in to the groove and meet my new kiddos.

I definitely do better on a routine.
I feel like I am the ultimate creature of habit and this summer with being off and Drew being out of town has thrown my "Type A" personality a {needed} curve ball. 

So as I soak in these next 72 hours of "Bum Life" as I've called it, I will enjoy each minute!

This weekend we celebrated one of our best friends 27th birthday. We had a family cook out and small fire for the unusually cool Friday evening and had a great dinner on the lake Saturday after a unfilled day.
After we ate it was almost sunset and we just sat and listened to great music.
{Johnny Cash, Incubus, Mumford, Lynard}
So grateful for the friends and weekends like this. 

Last night we had some pretty serious storms in our area. Several tornadoes hit close to home but we are thankful to be okay and the hardest hit area did lose homes which is sad but everyone survived. 
Such a blessing!

 We kept dinner simple since we were under a tornado warning and keeping an eye on where this storm was going aka basement watch for us.
I got this dough for free from a local carry-out pizza place. They wouldn't charge me for the ball of dough for a large pizza so I tipped them a few bucks. It was almost 100 yesterday with super high humidity so I wasn't even going to attempt trying my own dough. This dough was amazing and we loaded it with toppings.

Tonight I made these stuffed peppers and they were awesome!
Next time I will probably use ground turkey instead of sausage but glad I tried this new recipe. 
Drew and I both loved it and it was easy to make too.

The menu for the rest of the week:
\\Tuesday- grill out with grilled corn and broccoli cheddar quinoa
\\Wednesday- chicken quesadilas 
\\Thursday- small group
\\Friday- possible cook out again? maybe smoked bbq?

and here is a great Monday moment for ya...
Seven years of living on my own and buying groceries and I've NEVER dropped a bag of groceries. Even when I lived on the third floor apartment and carried bags (all in one trip cause I wasn't willing to make two trips) never dropped a bag. Well today I have maybe 4 bags and missed the counter where of course the eggs had been in the bag that fell. Five eggs did survive.
Happy Monday!

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