Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This past Monday night a terrible car accident took place near my hometown.
Four men were in the truck and two were husbands of teachers I taught with at my former school. 
One man died passed away and the husbands of my teacher friends are in a critically dangerous condition. 

Although I am not super close to these teachers, my heart hurts for them.
My heart aches for the young children they have and the friends and family who will feel the pain from this accident long after the tire marks fade on the road.

Our life can change with every breath we take and sadly times like this remind us.
Our physical time on this Earth are so limited and nothing compared to what eternal life in Heaven will be.
God has a plan for us and has provided us with skills and blessings of opportunities to make the most of this life. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with work, to stress about the clutter on the counter or dust on the shelf- but all these seemingly useless things take away from remembering to enjoy this life. 
To love those around us.
To make today count. Make everyday count. 

This past Monday Drew got to come home after spending all of summer working out of town.
I'm happy to have him home and I love having dinner together and going to bed together but most of all I'm so grateful to be able to hug him and have him close.
But I'm making a point to hug him extra tight, to give him one more kiss, and to make sure he always knows how much I love him.

I'm so thankful for this life and for what God has allowed us. 
We serve such an amazing God and I know he has a plan for these hurting families and this his will is always better than ours.

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