Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chicken & Dumplings {Crock Pot} Style

Gotta love some home cookin'
I don't make these often but they are great.
Chicken and dumplings.
A southern staple and winter warmer.
I make ours with greens beans with potatoes, fried okra, and drop biscuits--

-at least one pound of chicken (can be breast or tenders
-chicken broth
-2 cans of cream of chicken with herbs
-half an onion sliced
-about a cup of celery chopped (optional but great flavor)
-small can of biscuits
-salt and pepper

I use my Crock Pot for these and it is so simple.
Put your chicken in the bottom. I used 1.17 pounds.
Next I used my salt and pepper grinders and covered the chicken pretty well. Then I added about half an onion and about one cup or so of chopped celery.

I'm all about store brands and saving but this soup is amazing to cook with.
Add two can directly on top of the chicken, onions, and celery.

Then I fill up one and half cans of chicken broth and pour into the crock pot and stir.
It will still be thick but that will cook out.
I put mine on high for 6 hours. I've done low for 8 and it is just as good.

After I got home I stirred the crock pot goodness. The chicken just starts falling apart and it smells amazing. 
If any large pieces of chicken are left I will take it out and shred it then put it back in.
Now for the dumplings!!

I've made from scratch dumplings and I've used these. Honestly, no difference in taste but major time difference. I used the smaller can of the Grands "Butter Tasting" biscuits by Pillsbury.
Crack your crock pot back up to high if it isn't already.

Next open the biscuits and separate them and you will cut them into little pieces. About 8 pieces per biscuit.
I like to use my pizza cutter for this part. Once they are cut put them into the crock pot and stir.

The longer they are in the crock pot the more cooked they will get. Some people like "doughy"  dumplings, I prefer mine a bit more cooked. I left our dumplings in the crock pot for almost 2 hours while stirring about every half hour. If you are big on spices you can toss in a bit of basil into the mix.

That is it for simple and delicious chicken and dumplings.
These are so yummy and fool proof!


  1. So yum! Maybe easy enough for me to make!!

    1. These really are so super easy!!! And super delicious :)

  2. Hi Michelle! So happy I came across your blog! Looks delish! Just wanted to say hi as your newest follower :) Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along with us!

    The McGuire Family

  3. This looks super good! But for some reason I am afraid to leave my crock pot on while I am not at home! I need to get over that like 25 years ago!' Ha