Monday, January 13, 2014

Reading the Bible in 2014

I've shared before that I go to an amazing church Faith Promise.
We have a great leader as our Pastor and he is just an ambitious as he is spiritual.
Our church has grown tremendously and the amount of people reached who have become faithful followers are mind blowing. 
A phrase frequently used  to describe Faith Promise is "making it hard to go to hell from Knoxville." 
That's a pretty bold phrase is you ask me.
Thousands don't get saved and lives changed with passive goals and light ambition. 

In December our ambitious pastor announced that as a congregation we will be reading the entire Bible together throughout the next year. I know how important it is to read the Bible daily and to grow on a regular basis but I find reading these huge amounts very intimidating and doubted how I could do it.

I felt really bad because I knew my small group was excited about reading through the entire Bible but I felt so scared. I'm not nearly as familiar with the stories and people and felt lost before I ever started. Up until this past year I hadn't read daily and was feeling so proud of the growth I had made with daily devotionals and spiritual blogs. I felt that I would overwhelm myself with trying to keep up with these long Bible passages and still continue to grow with devotionals. 

Now being almost two weeks into 2014 I feel so much more at ease.
Our church has started a 21 day fast and we are stepping onward with our daily reading goals. 
I've downloaded the "You Version" Bible app and under plans I follow the "One Year" plan and I must say it has been amazing. The app breaks it up into 5 passages. The first two being part of the same "story" and are longer in length. The last three being shorter passages and a Proverb. 
With a Bible newbi
e such as myself this really helps me absorb what I'm reading and allows me to organize my thoughts. I've never been one that can read a large amount at once and get 100% of it. For me this app helps me "chunk" it up and better take it in.

Our church phrase for this goal is "You Won't If You Don't" and it means just that.
The more I think about that phrase the more it means to me.
I'm excited to grow and I'm excited where this is leading my heart, soul, marriage, and mind.


  1. I may try the app.Bible reading always scares me too , its so intimidating. I love the idea of breaking it down to 5 passages at a time.

    1. It is so intimidating!! And the 5 passages and the fact that it is an app (silly I know) helps so much. I really enjoy it and I would def encourage you to try :)

  2. Replies
    1. I agree, and I'm learning more each day!!

  3. I've been wanting to read the Bible in its entirety for awhile now. Thank you for the tip on the app! Hopefully that'll help me :)

    1. Also, I've noticed you are a "no reply" commenter on blogger. To fix that, try this link:

    2. I'm still on board! The app is great and helps me "manage" it better. It's never to late to start!!