Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Five//

Well here it is, ANOTHER snow day!
Yup, been home since 11:00 Tuesday morning and have been off every since. 
I must say I've enjoyed this unexpected break but we are now out of snow days and my kiddos take the state writing assessment Monday and didn't get practice the way the format is. Just rolling with the punches on that one and having full faith in my kiddos on Monday morning. 
Fingers Crossed!!

Drew is finally home!!! He got home about 15 minutes before small group and Copper was just as excited as I thought he would be and I was too. So nice to go bed and not getting up to check that I locked the doors and have all the flood lights on. 

With this time off the house is clean and truly for the first time...ever, I have zero laundry to do. (or put away,what?!)  Well that was until Drew came in and dumped his over sized duffel bag on the floor full of dirties but that's okay. I also organized and cleaned out my jewelry. The house is sparkling and that just makes me happy.

Since this has been a crazy week with snow and out of town I'm looking forward to staying in tonight and cooking dinner. I've not cooked since last Sunday and we are both looking forward to a home cooked meal and snuggles on the couch. I'm sure a cold brew or glass of wine will make its way into the evening as well.

This little game called the Super Bowl! Being a Vols fan for life and growing up watching Peyton I can't help but cheer and root for the Broncos on Sunday. Drew's Dad is throwing a party where I have no doubt we will have plenty of food and lots of fun. It's always a fun night for us TN fans watching Peyton win another :)

Still eating healthy (at least 80% of the time) and looking forward to be able to go run today and this weekend. Copper and I have walked every day in the snow but I've missed running. High five for sticking with something good! 

As I blog from the couch this morning with coffee in hand and puppy on my feet I can't help but wonder who is going to have a harder time next week--me or Copper :)


  1. Great job on keeping up the healthy eating! I have such a hard time with that :-/

    And I'm cleaning my apartment today so I definitely understand what a big difference a clean home can make!

    1. A clean house just makes being home a bit more enjoyable. Hope you're having a great week!

  2. So happy Drew is home, yay for tonights dinner and wines ;) Sadly we aren't cheering for the same team, lol. Go Seahawks, I'm not a huge sports gal myself!

    1. My efforts cheering for the Broncos where short lived, ha. I'm so happy Drew is home !

  3. Yay Drew's home! That means my girl is gonna be a happy camper again:)