Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Husband is gone, blog on! {DIY Face Mask}

Well I'm officially snowed in.

Usually I welcome snow with open arms and loud cheers but this time Drew is still out of town for the week for work and it's just me. I don't mind being home by myself but now that I'm snowed in with Copper I'm really missing Drew. I miss waiting for 4:45 to hear his truck pull up and sitting down to dinner each night and I miss just sitting on the couch at night watching re-runs of our favorite shows. 

(*note this was taken at noon, it snowed 6 more hours)

We have almost 4 inches and school let out at 10:00 today and we are off tomorrow and considering it isn't getting above freezing tomorrow I'm guessing we will be off Thursday as well.
With Drew gone I'm keeping dinner simple and the fact that we live on a steep hill and I drive a Mustang means no carry out here. So tonight a grilled cheese hit the spot, so good!

With these crazy cold and super windy days my skin is so dry. 
My face even gets flaked in places and not only is it gross but it is embarrassing to have such noticeably dry skin. I did some Pintrest research and decided to do a quick DIY face mask to scrub my face good.

I used honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon.
Mix one part cinnamon with one part nutmeg and then two parts honey.

I didn't measure anything just went by looks but it filled the bottom of this bowl and then I put it on my freshly cleaned face with my fingers in circular motions. 

The face mask smells like a delicious baked good.
I then wiped clean the mask with a warm wash cloth then a splash of cold water.
I slathered on the lotion and my face feels like silk!
I would recommend this make to anyone with dry skin.

The rest of my evening will consist of unhealthy amounts of Dance Moms (Drew hates that show), Pintrest, possible chick flick, and a yummy glass of red with a piece of Dove on the side. Then of course sleeping in with my fluff ball Copper, seriously what would I do without this dog?! 
Happy Snow Day


  1. I think that facemask would make me hungry! Ha. It sounds like a delicious treat for your face!

    I can't believe you all had snow for 6 more hours after that picture. It's been such crazy cold weather here in NY too.

    1. I'm sure in NY you all think we are crazy in the South for freaking out about 4 inches of snow! It has been crazy cold, come on spring!!

  2. Sorry you're snowed in without your hubs! At least you have you fur baby! That face mask sounds like it would be good on French toast too ;)

    1. I'm very grateful for the fur baby! He hasn't left my side since Drew left, my little shadow. The face mask smells yummy, possible breakfast recipe too?! ha