Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Tour {living space and master bedroom}

With all this snow and Drew still out of town I've had lots of time on my hands.
I've cleaned till the point I have nothing else to clean.
We got a new camera for Christmas and I hadn't used it yet and with the house all a sparklin' I figured it was as good a time as ever to show you a glimpse into our home!

When you come into our house it is very open which was a huge selling point for us.
The living room, kitchen, and "dinning" area are all open.

The kitchen island is where we spend majority of our time when friends and family are over.
I love the counter space and try to keep it clear when not cooking but the island is a "collect all" for mail, coffee mugs, etc. so I have to make a point to keep it clean.

I got a steal on this table when we first moved in at a local store. It has a leaf can add 4-5 more chairs easily. This is where we host small group and have many family dinners. Most of the time my school stuff is in a chair as well as spread out on one end of the table. In the morning the sunrises over the mountains in the back and makes a beautiful orange glow in the kitchen.

Next to the kitchen is our master bedroom. The ceilings in this room are one of my favorite parts of the house. I try to make this room soft and cozy and "our" space. I'm still on the hunt for some pretty "burlap" style pillows for our bed. I love when a bed has tons of pillows when made!

Then of course the master bath. 

I feel like the his/her sinks are a blessing. I usually get ready by sitting on his side of the sink with my make-up and whatever all over the counter. Then when we are both trying to get ready and brush teeth it is nice having the extra space.

Finally, the tub. I'm embarrassed how little we actually use this. I truly clean it more than we use it. This year I've made a point to use it more and not sure why I haven't more cause every time I get in there I love it.

Of course wouldn't be our home without Copper!


  1. Your home is beautiful! What a blessing. :) You're experiencing the same snow (maybe more?) than we are in Atlanta. It has paralyzed our city since we aren't prepared or used to this. Eeek! Yay for snow days!

    1. Thank you, I'm so very thankful for our home. Yes, that was the same storm! We were out of school the rest of the week!

  2. Your house is so nice and clean! I love it, especially that big bright open kitchen ;) lucky girl! I'm sure you're looking forward to your hubby getting home. Love your house tour!

    1. Thanks sweet lady :)
      I do love the kitchen and try to keep it clean. Thanks to Pintrest I'm always trying something new in the kitchen!

  3. I love a good deal on furniture and I love all the light in your house! We have one window in our bedroom an it's so dark. Granted the walls are a darker shade and our furniture is almost black...gotta figure out a way to lighten it up!