Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Weekend

So grateful for this dry and sunny weekend.
It was a tad on the cold side but I'll take it!
Around here it has truly rained {almost} every weekend,
so we welcomed this nice sunshine with open arms!

This weekend was filled with walks and Frisbee with our sweet Copper. 
I think he was needing to get outside as much as we were.

Saturday we went our just Drew and I.
We do dinner often with friends and I love there company but sometime it is nice to just be us. We got dinner at Genghis Grill where you get to build your own stir fry. So yummy!
I made sure to put lots of yummy sea food and the "bean" mix in mine. 

We saw "Lone Survivor" afterwards and it was such a great movie.
Very touching and real-- I would highly recommend this movie! 

Tonight we decided to grill out while we had the chance.
That little dose of being outside this weekend has made me long for spring big time.
I look forward to the days where we can open the windows and eat 90% of our meals outside on the deck again. Plus, grilling out makes for easy kitchen clean up!

And this is what the rest of our evening has looked like.
The Broncos just won so we are happy campers.
Tennessee fans = Peyton Fans

Tomorrow I'm off for MLK Day and looking forward a day full of extra coffee, blogging, and cleaning the house. I truly enjoy the days where I can crank up the music in my pj's and deep clean the house.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. It has been raining a lot where I live too, so I feel ya on welcoming the sunshine. Your dinner looked super yummy too. Enjoy your extra day off, you are so not a loser, silly!