Friday, January 24, 2014

High /5/ for Friday

This has been such a short week and like typical fashion-
still so excited to have the weekend here.
Drew is out of town all next week which is a major bummer so I want
to make the most out of this weekend before it is just me and puppy
snuggles for the next 5 nights.

Here are /5/ things high five worthy this week:

/1// I was off Monday for MLK Day and it was 60 degrees outside and perfect.
Then it was below zero again (and still is) so I got a snow day Wednesday.
So high five for a short work week!
This was how I spent my Wednesday morning-
blogging with puppy cuddles. 

/2// On my random day off I got to kick off the flannel pj's just long enough to get a major visit to the salon.
Between 4-5 inches gone and much darker/more natural. Feels so good and a new haircut just puts a bounce in your step!

/3// With this said time off I've made some yummy dinners. 
Drew always is thankful for my cooking and I appreciate that but he was super grateful and loved my southern dinner from last night which made me feel good. Dumplins' just do the heart good!
this super easy dumpling recipe coming soon!

/4// The house is super clean even down to the base boards and the laundry is actually folded. 
Which never happens. #miracle

/5// I'm still shocked that January is almost over, this year is flying by. But I am looking forward to February and hopefully a step in the warm direction. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I'd love to see your easy dumpling recipe, yum! Also I cant wait to see your new hair! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Just posted the recipe! It is so yummy and easy. Have a great weekend pretty lady!

  2. Haha love the salon pic. That looks like me when I get my highlights ;-)

    And it's so nice to have an appreciative man when you work hard at a meal. It really does encourage you to keep doing thoughtful, special things :)