Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In-Between Seasons

In-Between Seasons

Today was an absolutely beautiful day!
We hit a sunny high of 65 and it was hard to remember the almost foot of snow we had
nearly a week ago.Crazy weather!

I'll take this sunshine anyday. Lately I can't get enough of running with my sweet dog Copper.
When the sun is out and it is above freezing we are hitting the pavement, these yoga pants are perfect to keep me warm and cool at the same time.

In the morning it is still cool so a fleece jacket is all I need instead of all the layers.
Reguradless of the season I love wearing dresses, with a cute pair of leggings (preferably fleece lined) they make going from winter to spring just right.

Today was the first day back after a long six day snow break
So nice to be back in the swing of things.
Hope you had a great Tuesday and got to enjoy a break in snow too!


  1. Ok I am all over the patterned leggings. I dot have any yet but every time I see them I swoon and pray that my paycheck will come early (though it never does!).

    PS. I nominated you for a blog award!!

  2. love the scarf.
    do those hair ties work for you? they seem so thin to me.