Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday //5/

Hard to believe this has been another 2 day work week!
With anticipation of a snow storm and not knowing when it would come in we were off Wednesday and woke up to a solid 8+ inches yesterday. It actually is barely at freezing so we can go outside to get out and enjoy the snow. We actually have a chance of a light snow tonight but nothing major. 
Now I just hope winter is over and can look forward to sun, warm, and non-layer weather.

Here are five things that have rocked my week//

Last Saturday I went to Ulta in plans of buying an expensive conditioner that would help "keep" my color from fading and last longer. Well I had the $30 bottle in my hand headed to check-out when an associate asked if I found everything okay and I said yes. She asked if I was looking for color protection and would I mind if she made a recommendation. Of course I wanted to know what she would recommend--she said that Loreal Color Vibrancy she felt was the best by far. For five bucks I had to give it a try.
I also paired it with a new Ogx shampoo and I love the combo.
My hair feels great and smells amazing.

Do you remember Dunk-A-Roo's? (circia 1996)
Well this is them remade!
We discovered these in Jackson Hole and both had talked about them ever since.
I'm generally against buying prepackaged cookies,etc. cause they are just pure junk food and we don't need that but since I knew the snow was coming I made an exception.
No regrets, amazing.

A sweet little girl in my class had cut out Aussie like puppies out of a magazine and has randomly placed them around my desk and reading table as a surprise. So cute and can't help but smile when I open my book and find a puppy pic from a sweet student!

Can't help but be grateful for the extra sleep-in time and of course extra puppy snuggles. We've played and played and enjoyed covering up and going to bed last night. Now I need to get to a few of the 1,000 papers I have to grade. Considering my "teacher/school" bag is still in my car since coming home Tuesday I got to pick it up a bit!

And finally, it's Valentine's Day, excited to give Drew his "One in a Minion" treats this afternoon. Not sure what our evening holds but looking forward to possibly a yummy dinner or something. 
Have a great Valentine's and wonderful weekend!


  1. How sweet is your student ! Have a great weekend lovely!

  2. Puppy snuggles are the best. And acai avocado shampoo sounds pretty amazing. I might have to try that and the conditioner rec.

    And Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. I have finally made it in the teaching world!! I got valentines goodies from some of my kids today and let me tell you - it warmed my heart!!