Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Bag Beauty Swap {all about nails}

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I recently joined the lovely ladies over at Fabulously Faint and Boy, oh {mamas} boys! for a beauty bag goodie swap.

The theme this goodie bag was all things nails!
Painting my nails is something I love to do but feel like I don't do near enough.
With these new goodies I can't help but feel excited about new spring nails!

I was paired with the beautiful mamma Shadia.
If you haven't checked our her blog and the adorable pics of her sweet little boy you're missing out!

I love the goodies she sent me!
The most adorable GLITTER nail file. I love sparkle so this was just the file I needed!
A fine tip white pen so I can do fancy accent nails, so fun!
A great top coat, always needed.
And a beautiful all girlie Essie pink, "Mod Square"

This pink is the PERFECT bubble gum, girlie, spring time pink--
I love it!
Thank you so much Shadia for my cute and fun nail bag!

I know the ladies will be putting together a new goodie bag idea for March and I can't wait!


  1. So cute! I'm posting my beauty blog swap tomorrow and got some similar cute products. I am SO bad at painting my nails's kind of embarrassing...and I'm trying so hard to make them cute!

  2. Oh you got some very cute stuff! I love the Barbie polish! Good job Shadia!

  3. Love this pink for spring! The file is too cute and the other two items are super practical! good choices Shadia!

  4. What a fun swap! I'll have to check it out!!