Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu

Well last week my menu went to hell  heck in a hand basket. 
Tuesday I came home not feeling well so Drew was sweet and picked something up. 
(much appreciated and mentally noted)
then we both ended up working super long on Wednesday so we just had salads and sweet potatoes
then for small group on Thursday we ended up having finger foods to use up some of the left over BBQ we had. Which was a pretty good idea cause everyone seemed to love it but it took forever to prepare because I was worried I wouldn't have enough. I have a hard time judging how much to make
when it comes to appetizers and finger foods for a group. 

So this week we will try again with another game plan. 
Side note: I shopped at Target where I have a debit card that always saves me 5% , a couple coupons (once combined with a sale scored me some hummus for less than a buck), and the Cartwheel app. If you shop Target you need this app, it has specials like coupons that you keep on your personal "list" and they scan your phone and your get the deals. It is amazing and really fun! Every can good I got I scored an additional 5% off using the Cartwheel app.

Sunday: Taco Soup (post to come, this is so easy,healthy, and hearty)
Monday: Mexican Casserole since we didn't get it last week
Tuesday: Pesto Stuffed Shells
Wednesday: Chicken Quesadilas
Thursday: we are going to my sister-in-laws graduation then small group so dinner somewhere in there
Friday: maybe homemade pizza or date night :)
We will play Saturday by ear, may be driving back to Nashville to get Drew's truck back.

We will be hoping for some days this week without rain so we can get some running and Frisbee (of course) in! Or if no sunshine, maybe a snow day?! Too much to ask? I think not!

Have a great week and follow on Instagram @ michelle_irons for daily pics!

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