Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Weekend and Beer Pizza Crust

This has been a great weekend!
Friday Drew texted me at school and said we would be leaving for Nashville as
soon as I got home from school. We needed to pick up his truck and he had the great idea to
spend the night there and finish Christmas shopping the next day.

Once we got there a little after 9 we were starving.
We stayed downtown and the girl at the front desk said a great place was just
across the street with over 150 drafts. That was all we needed to know.

The place was called Flying Saucer and it was amazing.
The food was outstanding, the service great, and the beer selection was over 4 pages. 
We will definitely be going back!

In the morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and headed out to shop. We 
got majority of the stuff at a Marshalls that was 10 minutes from where we stayed.
Then we grabbed a Starbucks and headed home.
Nashville is just under 3 hours from our home, not bad.

I have a pet peeve about whenever we leave for a trip, one night or more, the house HAS
to be left in perfect condition. Well the house was no means a mess when we left but my OCD kicked in by the time we got home and I've cleaned top to bottom. 
Then got in the Christmas spirit and enjoyed wrapping gifts.
I have big plans to decorate them but this will do in the mean time. 

So for dinner we wanted homemade pizza.
I keep coming across beer crust recipes online so we decided to try one.

 Once the simple dough was rolled out and placed on the pan I brushed it with olive oil
I've learned if you sprinkle the bottom of the pan with cornmill it helps get the crust extra yummy!
We love toppings! 
Today we had green and yellow bell pepper, banana peppers, onion, sausage, and turkey pepperoni.
Final product was a pretty pizza.
Honestly, I liked it but did not love it.
I feel it tasted too much like "dough" and needed a better sauce but by no means was it bad.

Now I need to cozy up next to this fur ball and get busy with some lesson plans and grading papers!

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  1. Your pizza looks yummy. We live making our own pizzas from home. We actually had it for lunch today! Small world ; ) glad you had fun at the Flying Saucer!