Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fabulously Faint {take-over Tuesday}

I am so excited for my first "Take Over Tuesday" with the amazing and inspiring Brittany over at Fabulously Faint! This blog really touches my heart as I follow her story about dealing with a chronic illness with so much optimism and high spirits. Brittany also rocks a "Foodie Friday" post each week with mouth watering recipes! I'm so grateful we have become blog friends and you should check out her wonderful blog too!

Name:Brittany but my friends call me Britt 

Blog name : Fabulously Faint

where are you from?: I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of California! Yes, Im a Cali girl through and through:)

Favorite Quote: "Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel"-maya angelou

How'd you pick your blog title: Fabulously Faint was derived from my main symptom ....and what girl doesn't want to be fabulous ?:)

Why did you start a blog:I was diagnosed with a chronic illness last year and I had alot of friends and family mention the idea of blogging but I wasn't quite ready to expose myself. Finally i decided that it would be a good way to bring awareness and share my story in a positive light. I wanted to show that it is possible to enjoy life even if it wasnt the same life you once lived.

Where do you finding inspiration for blogging: I love fashion, cooking, and crafting. I follow other bloggers with similar stories and interests 

Do you have any special weekly posts ?: This post is part of a blog swap that I do every week called Take-over Tuesdays. I love it because it allows me to share bloggers that I love! Let me know if you're interested in participating! I also have a post called Foodie Fridays which is a collection if favorite recipes :) 

Why do you read Sugar,Spice,&Newlywed Life: I love reading Michelle's stories about being a teacher as well as checking out her recipes !

Three favorite blogs and why
1.Living in Color Mom - Tearsa is the mama of an absolutely adorable little man .i love her DIY ideas and of course recipes (if you haven't figured it out yet ,I'm a food junkie) Www.Livingincolormom.com

2.Defying gravity -She has POTS as well ( the same condition I have) and she is very positive and has great tips for dealing with issues particular to people living with chronic illness 

3.A beautiful mess - They blog about just about all of my favorite things ; recipes, fashion, crafts,and beauty! whats not to love? I also love their app which you can find on iTunes 

5 random facts about you
1. None of siblings have kids but I'm called Auntie by many (friends babies and cousins babies)
2.I was a back up dancer for Danity Kane during their Showstopper days 
3. I love tattoos but most people don't peg me as "the tattoo type "
4. I love finding Pinterest ideas and putting a twist on them 
5. I swam with a pod of 75 dolphins in the ocean in Hawaii 

 Thank you Michelle for having me on your blog today :)

Thank you for reading and if you would be interested
in doing a blog swap or take-over leave a comment below
or e-mail me at mkirons13@gmail.com
Have an amazing night!

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