Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Weekend and Christmas {Break} Top 10 List

Well it is here, Christmas break!
Two + weeks of a mental break and lots of time in cozy socks.
I. Can't. Wait.

Our weekend and first evening of the beloved Christmas break started with Drew's work party.
This year we took a dinner cruise around downtown Knoxville and it was beautiful getting to see all the lights and our favorite landmarks.
The dinner was yummy and the fun holiday themed cocktails even better!

I attempted the final things on our shopping list Saturday with the majority of East Tennessee. 
The traffic was seriously more than Black Friday but the sales were well worth it.
Victoria Secret has most bras for $25, Target an extra 10% off everything, and Ulta gave out $5 off coupons. So at the end of the day I was okay with the large amounts of swear words murmured under my breath and shouted by others in the parking lots. 

(note cozy sock in bottom of pic)
I'm trying to wrap up the wrapping business.
I've topped the guys gifts with favorite airplane bottles to spread a little holiday cheer!

My Mom gave us an early gift, this adorable ornament!
I'm obsessed with special ornaments for each year and this one is super special to us for sure.

Now that I'm on break I have several things I'm excited to do:

- blog about some things that I haven't had a chance to sit and do
(how small groups has changed me in 2013, marriage, and some teacher post)
-enjoy starting new traditions like matching pj pants on Christmas Eve
-excited to cook a yummy breakfast Christmas morning and even more excited that Drew's brother and our sister in law are staying with us
-making some yummy holiday drinks (inspired from the work party)
- deep clean the house, this makes me weirdly happy
-try some new dinners
-attempt to run and have "mini workouts" twice a day 
-enjoy coffee every morning
finally, - soak in every last Christmas song and moments of 2013!

Have a great week!


  1. Love some good deals! Cozy socks sound great :)

    1. Cozy socks have to rank in my top favorite 10 things ever!

  2. Workouts twice a day is ambitious! Good for you!

    And loove the airplane bottles with the's a nice touch :-P

    1. Well the "mini-workouts" are a two mile walk/run with Copper and some pushups and ab exercises. Nothing crazy! And who doesn't love a little airplane bottle right ha :) :) :)