Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas fun in the classroom!

The last few weeks days have been crazy!
At school we have had testing that needs to be done,
meetings that need to be had, and a million and one other things going on.
Oh yeah, and the excitement of Santa and that today at 3:05 started our Christmas break!

Today we had an awesome day!
My teammate and I planned morning full of crafts and games followed by a kid party where they had more food than they knew what to do with. Then an hour outside on this beautiful day!

 Our school mascot is the owls.
I found this cute ornament pattern on Pintrest {of course} and luckily had lots of parent help!

 Seriously could not have made this ornament happen with 44 kiddos without the parents.
So thankful to work in a school and community where the parents are so eager to help and involved in the education. All hands were on deck!
 A sweet student even brought his guitar and played a few Christmas songs for us all.
The gift of music was precious!

 Of course festive hair added to our fun day!

Leading up to our fun day was some major prep time.
I had a great time planning and preparing, a favorite being the baked goods to share with the staff and treat bags for the kiddos.
It said, "Can't wait for S'MORE 5th grade fun!"
I also included a pencil {teachers are obligated to give this}, a heartfelt letter, and a homework pass-
which to my 11 year old students #gold

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