Monday, December 23, 2013

Lets Talk Babies...Irons Party of 2 ?!

Now before we get started, no I'm not pregnant and no not trying and yes I would be very surprised if we were. What I'm blogging about is the frequent questions that Drew and I get asked on a regular basis,
"When are you having kids?"

I love kids. I feel with no doubt that my purpose is to work with kids and that God has plans for me to continue to do so with the skills and opportunities that he has allowed.
As much as I love kids, I also love my husband and I love it being just the two of us...for now.
I'm going to spend the rest of my life with Drew and I love that, when I really think about it majority of our lives I hope we are blessed with a family to love and to share our lives with. 
So right now it is just the two of us and I"m okay with that. Actually I love it.
I love that we can randomly go on trips and if it is 8:00 and we want to go grab a drink and catch a movie we can. I love that we can stay up late (okay go to bed early, really early) and have friends over whenever we choose and be selfish with our time and use this time to be conservative with our savings. Drew and I both have careers we love and are passionate about and with that comes a great time demand. Right now that is fine. When we have kids that extra time spent doing work related things that aren't "needed" just extra or for enjoyment will have to take a back seat. As for the days of us taking off on a day ride on the Harley, that will be over too or at least for 10+ years. We both agree once we have kids that the risk of leaving our child{ren} without parents is a risk we aren't willing to take.  So right  now we are totally selfish and enjoying life with the two of us...and our sweet Copper. 

When asked this ever so popular question I can usually come up with a quick wit answer and laugh it off because most people can't seem accept the answer, "I want to enjoy being married for a bit and then enjoy the family." I feel wanting to be married at least a year before kids isn't unreasonable and at the end of the day it just works for Drew and I and that is what matters.

When I looked on Pintrest about life before baby I found some really good links that I feel other newlyweds might like too. Why the baby pressure?! No shame in being selfish and wanting to enjoy some of the only year (s) we will spend just us.

To each is own when it comes to family and marriage.
I'm just surprised how this seems to be the first thing friends, family, and strangers ask.


  1. I feel the same way. Well, I'm not even engaged yet but I don't want to have children until I'm at least 30. I love the freedoms I have now and I need a few more years of that...

    Love the links and thanks for sharing your outlook!

    1. Thanks pal! I do enjoy the freedom, and with time will be so grateful and excited to exchange it for family time :)

  2. Don't worry, even when you do have a child, people will ask when is the next one coming? Or will she/he have baby brother/sister :) Those are questions I get asked a lot. lol. Either way, you guys make a great couple and people just see that too and want to know. Try to take it as a compliment ;)

    1. True! I guess what got me thinking about all this is because I work with two amazing ladies who are having a hard time getting pregnant and have had a hard time for awhile now. I know they get asked the same questions and I imagine that it is hard to answer and doesn't make them feel good. But you are right, I'm grateful our friends/family are excited about us one day having kiddos and not scared ha