Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let's Do Breakfast!

Around here breakfast can get pretty boring Monday-Friday.
Saturday morning we always have coffee with a splash of Bailey's and cook something good that usually keeps us full all day. 
During the week we don't have time to cook a full out breakfast.
(and our coffee isn't near as fun)

I could live on boiled eggs and toast every day for breakfast but for the sake of my husband I branch out a bit. Breakfast is generally something simple with fresh fruit. We both love most all kinds of fruit and it taste great in the morning, it also is easy to toss into his lunch bag.

A few of our breakfast staples are:
-fresh fruit (I try to buy what is seasonally fresh)
-Greek yogurt, I like the 100 calorie portioned cups and try to buy the brands with less sugar
-protein Fiber One bars, we don't eat these super often but they are great on the morning we are in a rush
-instant oatmeal, I love the handy oatmeal packs and they are great for us to take to work while the steel cut oats are great for us and keep me full all morning
-rice cakes, with a tbs of peanut butter these crunchy cakes go great with yogurt or a banana 
-cereal, Drew loves cereal but I have a hard time eating just a "cup" of cereal and tend to refill my bowl. I tend to avoid cereal for that reason and try to pick something else for myself. 
-toast, by far the best and most underrated food
-boiled eggs, I love the egg whites and they keep me full and I'll also toss one into my lunch for later

Sometimes I'll feel ambitious and make homemade muffins or bake some breakfast like casserole for us to reheat during the week. I cook dinner almost every night so I keep breakfast pretty simple. 
I'd love to know your easy or go-to breakfast, maybe even a simple recipe to try!

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  1. I love granola cereal with yogurt and fruit for breakfast, like dessert but not ;)