Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Menu

{What's For Dinner}

As much as I truly enjoy cooking and sitting down with Drew each night,
planning a menu can get old. 
I try to keep a variety of dinners and keep it as healthy as possible during the week
while staying within a reasonable budget.
So after every Saturday I sit down with my computer and check the local grocery ads.
This is by no means a fun task, but I do get some nerdy thrill out of saving
some $$ on goodies that we normally use.
I do clip coupons but by no means take it seriously.
I clip only the items we use, nothing new.
For awhile now I've notice that I save more following store sales than trying to buy 
the brand that my coupon would use.
And every now and then the stars a line in my favor and something that
is on sale in the store also has a coupon in my messy stash in my purse.

Based off of what is already in our pantry, what was on sale, and week plans here is the menu:

~Sunday, left over taco soup (amazing) with grilled cheese

~Monday, a new taco bake that I found on Pintrest- will post soon

~ Tuesday, chicken lasagna roll-ups that I just had to try after seeing them on a great blog

~Wednesday, fresh loaded salads and sweet potatoes

~Thursday, we are hosting small group and feeding 8 people can be tricky
 and I try to still be mindful of my budget, sales, planning, etc.
I will be making a big batch of spaghetti
 and making chicken pesto shells.
Others will bring salad and bread, should be yummy fellowship!

~Friday, possible family dinner with Drew's family

~Saturday, eat or grill out (kitchen's closed!)

~Sunday, making a birthday feast for my Mamma~
more to come...

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