Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

I give you, the Griswold Irons Family Christmas tree!

Now that the remaining turkey is in containers in the fridge till we forget about them and they become scary and the midnight madness shopping has left me wanting a nap and more coffee,
 it is time for the Christmas Tree!!!
(a Clark Griswold drum roll please)

The past 5 years I have been either in college and didn't have a tree over 3 feet and more that $7 to spend on it or lived in a tiny place and wasn't home very much so I didn't have a large tree.
Well this years marks our first married Christmas and my first "big" tree.
Pushing almost 8 feet and more fluffy that I realized (and mismeasured).
It truly took me almost 3 hours to get this beast fluffed then moved around the living room to find a space that the tree could fit and I didn't have to rearrange everything. 
Well turns out as much as I love our open floor plan living room, a tree over 3 feet is tricky business.
Once I FINALLY got the damn dear tree  in a good spot, let the decorating begin!

Of course the lights didn't work on it so I had to add 6 strands.
Took awhile but I was happy with the outcome.

Okay, the tree looks 4 feet here not 8 ?!
Anyways, next I added some massive 16 inch ribbon that I snagged at Hobby Lobby.

Then I add in a little burlap. 
Can't help myself, I'm obsessed!

My little helper and partner in crime- always happy to help!
Till he decided he couldn't take much more of my obsessiveness with fixing the ribbon and burlap.

And finally, after lots of ornament loading and a Winter Lager later I give you....
The Irons Family Christmas Tree!

The glow from the tree is beautiful and I will be doing some DIY ornament post very soon!
Happy Decorating!

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  1. Your tree looks stunning, I love the burlap touch. I think we are getting ours next weekend ;)