Thursday, October 31, 2013

{foolproof} chicken fajitas in the crockpot

I really enjoy cooking and I love that Drew and I can sit down together every almost every evening together and have dinner while catching up on each other's day. 

I make an effort to cook at least four somewhat healthy/clean dinner meals a week. 
We usually eat out some on the weekends so I really try to make our home meals good for us. A plus side to good dinners = good lunches. 

I'm also human and generally Mondays are a bit tiring at school and not every night do I feel like coming home walking the dog, cleaning up the house, grading papers, AND cooking a big dinner.
 So crock pot to the rescue! 

Another advantage to cooking with the crock pot is that I can "throw" a lot of stuff into including can goods that I can usually get on sale and that's a plus with my weekly budget.  This recipe is amazing and so insanely easy that I can truly throw together on my way out in the mornings. 

 Here is what you will need: 
I used 1.25 pounds of thin boneless, skinless chicken breast so I could have plenty of left overs.
1 pack of fajita spice mix or taco mix would work
2-3 bell peppers cut into chunks (color and amount depends on what you like)
1 onion also cut into chunks

After cutting up the veggies, I toss them into the crock pot.

The veggies are on the bottom then add the chicken on top of them.
On top of the chicken, pour your entire pack of fajita spice mix. 

I knew I was going to be gone from 6:45 AM and not get back till at least 4:15 or so. 
I was concerned that my chicken may dry out by 4:00 so I used my spice envelop and filled it twice with water to ensure my chicken would still be juicy.
It was a bit OVER juicy, so if you feel you need to add water I would just do 1  filled envelop.
And that's it....truly.
(definitely needed a slatted spoon ha) 
Seriously, even if "over juiced" they were amazing. 
I topped mine with fresh guacamole, a bit of cheese, and salsa!
The Hubs loves them too and they are even better the next day. 

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